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1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Title of Invention
3. Power of Authority
4. Declaration of title

    Trade Marks
1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Laws of the country
3. How long has the mark been
    in use or is it a new mark.

1. Name & Address of  Applicant
2. Laws of the country under
    which it is incorporated.
Our schedule of charges for filing by foreign applicants.

Charges for overseas Associates will be supplied on request.

A few lines about  our Activities

We are engaged in the practice of various aspects of Intellectual Property Laws including, inter alia, Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, Geographical Indications, and handling PCT matters.
We also handle proceedings before Courts of Law and Statutory Authorities, conduct Patent, Trademark and Infrigment Searches, carry out Investigations pertaining to Intellectual Property Matters and litigations, both civil and criminal, concerning IPR matters. We also collaborate with Academic Institutions in formulating IPR policies 
curricular for IPR teaching, and arranging and actively participating in spreading awareness of IPR.

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