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1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Title of Invention
3. Power of Authority
4. Declaration of title

    Trade Marks
1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Laws of the country
3. How long has the mark been
    in use or is it a new mark.

1. Name & Address of  Applicant
2. Laws of the country under
    which it is incorporated.
Our schedule of charges for filing by foreign applicants.

Charges for overseas Associates will be supplied on request.

Requirements for filing:

1. Full Name(s) & Address (es) of aplicant & inventor(s);
2. Title of invention;
3. Power of Authority (no legalization);
4. Declaration of title if assignee applies;
5. Declaration of authority if legal representative applies;
6. Declaration by inventor (who may decline to be named);
7. Specification and Claims in duplicate on A4 size paper. Specification must include technical fields of the invention, documented citation of the background art, sufficient disclosure to enable a person of ordinary skill to work the invention, description of any drawings, best mode of working the invention, manner of industrial production and /or use of the invention;
8. Abstract in 150 words;
9. Drawings in duplicate on Polyster film on A4 size;
10.Convention Priority must be claimed on filing, indicating the date, number, country, and International Patent Classification symbol, if any, of earlier application, certified copy of earlier application ot be filed within three months;
11.National Phase Application based on PCT cases also may be filed in INDIA.

We require:
i. Copy of specification and drawings and Abstract
ii. International Search Report
iii.Notarially Certified Copy of Priority document
iv. Notarially Certified English Translaation of Priority Document (if other than English)

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