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1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Title of Invention
3. Power of Authority
4. Declaration of title

    Trade Marks
1. Name & Address of Applicant
2. Laws of the country
3. How long has the mark been
    in use or is it a new mark.

1. Name & Address of  Applicant
2. Laws of the country under
    which it is incorporated.
Our schedule of charges for filing by foreign applicants.

Charges for overseas Associates will be supplied on request.

Requirements for filing:

1. A registrable Trade Mark should be an invented word or a device and should not be a mark which defines the character or quality of the goods. A name, surname, numerals or letter mark cannot be registered unless evidence of use is filed;
2. In the case of a new mark, it is preferred that a search should be made if it is available;
3. The goods are classified into 42 classes and an application can include specific goods galling in one class only;
4. We request the following information:

1. Full name and Address of the Applicant;
2. Laws of the Country under which it is inorporated;
3. How long has the mark been in use or is at a new mark;
4. On what goods is the mark applied;
5. 20 labels to be furnished unless it is a word mark;
6. Power of Authority to be signed by the Applicant.

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